After the weekend


  • The Fourth Day is where we continue our journey together and is the most important part of Cursillo. Each individual is encouraged to grow in faith and develop their gifts of ministry through the support of:
  • Group Reunions - frequent small group meetings for mutual encouragement and support through prayer and action. These are designed to help people live out their faith in the Church, their community and workplace. For more information you can email
  • Area meetings (called Ultreyas) - larger gatherings 3 or 4 times a year for those who have been on a weekend or who might be interested in going. Here they can share, worship and learn together from each other. For more information you can email
  • Personal Spiritual Direction - people are encouraged to find a spiritual 'soul friend', lay or ordained, who, from their experience and maturity, can help them along their Christian journey. For more information you can email


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